Covid-19 2020

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Hello and Welcome!!

We hope everyone is being safe and staying well. Let us know your thoughts and feelings during this time of uncertainty and confusion.

Just a little about us during this quarantine time.

We, Mr. McDowell and myself (Karen) now have a brick and mortar!! This has been our dream. We signed the lease just before all this chaos of the Covid-19 started. Before the State ordered us to stay home we were able to do some tear down and build out. We still have some painting to do and to actually move in. We could be sad about all this but this is giving us time to "get ready" for our Grand Opening!! Our address is ... 420 S Colorado Ave, Stuart FL 34994, which happens to be in Downtown Stuart at The Creek Arts and Entertainment District! This is so fabulous! We were hoping to have our Grand Opening on 4/20 (which is our "REAL" address) but the "Rona" is holding us back. Luckily we went "LIVE" with our website months before and will have our Grand Opening Online!! We obviously have some mixed emotions. We are thankful for the World Wide Web but at the same time sad that we are on hold to open our doors to the public. But here's the great news .. we have toilet paper, paper towels, eggs, food, a roof over our heads and each other!! I say eggs because it took us two weeks to find them lol .. and we did at our neighborhood Aldi .. Thank you ALDI!! Traffic is fantastic and gas is at an all time low!! Although we have no where to go but work and home, but hey!! I'll take the good with the bad!! Mr. McDowell's birthday was this week and we celebrated together at home. Home Sweet Home. I made a breakfast made for a King and Bloody Mary's!!! It was fun and we saved a ton of money lol 

The two things we are struggling most with, not including that we can't open Vintage Vibes Good Finds to the public is this ..

1. I, (Karen) still work at Lowe's Home Improvements part time, Monday - Thursday from 5am-11:30pm. I'm considered a "First Responder" for essentials so I do have to report to work. This is a little concerning when you are told to stay home. Emotions are high, customers are cranky and the associates are scared. But we come to work everyday and do the best we can to help. All I ask is this. If you need something from Lowe's, or anywhere that is open for essentials. Please get in, get your items and don't hang around to shop. This isn't a time to shop for unnecessary items. This puts everyone in danger and makes it harder on the associates who are already anxious. Upside.. Lowe's stepped up and deposited and extra $300 into our Direct Deposit and they also gave us a $2 an hour raise until April 30th. Super cool of them. 

2. Mr. McDowell's struggle is this. He is in college full time and now has to do "Online Classes"... he is old school and would rather have his routine of going to school as it should be!! He is our "Picker" for all of our vintage items that we up cycle. All his local spots are closed. He literally has no where to go and nothing to do. He says all he does is eat lol ... 

With all that's going on I'll say that we are all blessed and should be thankful for the everything we do have. This too shall pass. Let us know how you are doing and what's going on in your lives. We'd love to hear from you!! 

Stay safe and SHOP SMALL 

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