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I wanted to talk you about how our business came about. I'm Karen and my  husband, partner and best friend is Mr. McDowell (aka Tommy). We love vintage EVERYTHING. Do you ever notice how "things" were made so much sturdier, and just BETTER!? Whether it's furniture, light fixtures, or even kitchen gadgets. Now yes, I get it ... rules have changed and standards have changed. But you all know what I'm talking about. I know you've heard your parents say, "They don't make things like they used to!". This is true!!

We have come a long way with electronics, household appliances... but it also seems that everything is a computer. For example, if your car does't run proper ie; "THE ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON" ... You must go to a car repair shop, that you may or may not trust. First they have to charge you $75 to tap into the car's computer to see what error it's giving off. A car has a computer?? You can't just look under the hood, and if you do, the engine is in sideways, you don't know what the heck is going on. Look under the hood of a car from the 70's or earlier, and compare to what you see now under the hood....  I'm ranting... back to the task at hand!

We love vintage EVERYTHING! Have I mentioned we love vintage EVERYTHING?? We are implementing items into our home that are vintage. We play vinyl records, on vintage turn tables. Our kitchen table may be the one your Grandmother had that the family sat at for Sunday dinner without cell phones, and actually talked to each other about your days and week!

Now I'm not saying we don't have cell phones. We do, and we love them, I'm just saying ... 

I'm a furniture artist and I paint vintage furniture. I'm true to that. Furniture that is vintage, was handmade, sturdy, no particle board. Heck, some were even on casters!! How smart to have furniture on casters so you can move them easily? The furniture back then was easy on the eyes as well. So pretty... once again... personal preference.That could be a whole other blog.. DON'T PAINT THAT!! It's personal preference, right?? Mr. McDowell is my personal picker!! That's where he shines. He knows what's what, and has a fabulous eye for hunting and finding old "junk". I use the word "junk" with love in my heart. Thus our business name Vintage Vibes Good Finds!! 

We personally have household items that are vintage in our kitchen, our living room, our dining room, in our china cabinet, in our bathrooms, everywhere. We don't save our vintage dishes for company. We use them EVERY DAY! We have so much that we decided to start a business and sell what we simply can't fit into our home!! Share the love if you will. We can't keep everything, even though we want to!! 

We have just recently, I mean like as of 01/28/20 launched our website. If you happen to take a look see, and notice it's sparse, it's because we are new to this and we are adding items every moment we can. Most all of the items are vintage. The items that are not vintage are some crafty DIY things I made with my own two little hands. For instance, my Christmas Ornaments... but they are handmade!! Not from a factory!! My Book Decor is handmade, but made from vintage books as well... cool right!!?? 

We love old, we love up-cycling old, we love painting old things. And another thing... this too will be another blog... The paint I use to "revamp" old furniture pieces and such is DIY Paint by Debi's Design Diary. It is made with 9 ingredients and one of them is LOVE. It's NO VOC! My Retailer that sells this delicious paint that is local to me is Gray Gardens Design and Salvage located in Downtown Stuart, Florida. They are a Mother and Daughter team that will knock you out of your chair when you see what beautiful pieces they produce and upcylce. Please check out these lovely ladies on their social media platforms. Just type in the names and they will pop right up. Whether it be YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook.  

We thank you for stopping by. We welcome you to join our vintage family. We are grateful that all these vintage items are still around for us to enjoy and to use. Think about it... all things come back full circle. Bell bottom jeans, vinyl records, vintage jewelry, just to name a few. Look around you. Go to your local yard sales, flea markets and local vintage shops. You never know what you'll find. One of our favorite moments is watching our customers flip though our crates of vinyl records and watching their smiles form into huge smiles. It's because they remember!! That song, that band, that memory of the past. When times were simple. 

If you are looking for something in particular, and you can't find it anywhere. Shoot us an email!! We most likely have it!! If we don't have it, we most likely can find it!!

Anyhoo, we just wanted to say hello and welcome. What are your thoughts on Old vs. New?

Welcome to the Past, and to Vintage Vibes Good Finds! 

Mr. McDowell and Karen/Vintage Vibes Good Finds

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