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We hope you are all safe and well. Just another update of how we are doing. We have been open to the public for six weeks now. It's been a whirlwind of fun! Vintage Vibes Good Finds is getting great feedback and everyone loves the shop! We would like to thank all our customers, virtual and foot traffic, THANK YOU!! Thank you for supporting a small business. Although we were not able to have our Grand Opening as we planned, we are have a great time meeting new people and developing lifelong business relationships and friendships.
The Featured photo is my latest creation I have completed. A Vintage Vanity that's perfect for every decor including but not limited to, Bohemian, Eclectic, Farmhouse, Rustic, Glam, Industrial, and you know the drill... the list goes one. A one of a kind, timeless piece. If you're in the area, please come see all our unique finds and creations in person at...
Vintage Vibes Good Finds
420 Colorado Avenue
Stuart, Florida 34994
The Creek Arts and Entertainment District
We are planning for November 2020 for our Grand Party!! Patience is a virtue, right?!! As I mentioned before, we will have a Taco Truck, an Italian Ice Truck, and vintage vinyl will be spinning, loud and proud!
A little about Mr. McDowell and I. Mr. McDowell is still attending college classes online and not thrilled with it. His words, "I'm basically paying for my credits. Learning is an option".  He would love to be able to physically go to school and participate with other students face to face rather than on ZOOM.  But with all that being said, he is still on the Dean's List!! Determination pays off!! Great Job!!
I have resigned from Lowe's fully as of August 7, 2020. I was getting up at 3:30am, working Lowe's from 5-11:30am, driving to 420 directly from Lowe's until 6:30pm. When I get home, it's eat, shower, sleep. It is exhausting so I made the executive decision to resign from Lowe's and put all my energies into my dream, Vintage Vibes Good Finds, DBA Vintage Vibes. I'm stoked with my decision and so proud that Vintage Vibes is doing so well. Hard work pays off!! 
On another note, we have a tropical storm brewing and skating our coast. Issaias, ees-ah-EE-ah. Don't ask... I can't even pronounce it with the phonetically spelled out version. This tropical storm is calm compared to what I've been through. Living in South Florida for over 35 years, you experience weather.  I've been through Andrew and Wilma along with all the other hurricanes in-between and after. These two stand out the most in my mind...

When Hurricane Andrew hit, I was living in Broward County. It was devastating...  13 years later Wilma hit Broward. Another cat 5 ... I'll never forget those days...  

October 24, 2005  Wilma

God had his hand on us.  The night after the storm.  No power, no water.  But the air was cool. No humidity.  No need for air conditioners. That was a miracle in itself.  

I was sitting on my front porch looking up at the sky and for the first time I saw stars.  Being a city girl, with light pollution every night, I never saw stars.  Well that night I saw millions. There was no light pollution, no noise pollution, it was amazing.  I saw so many stars, I was dizzy from looking at them.  I was alone.  My son was asleep in his room, safe and healthy.  Fortunately we were one of the lucky ones that only got minor damage to our home.  

I sat alone on my porch and looked at the stars for hours.  It was one of the worst days, and one of the best nights of my life.  

I saw stars for the first time.

I'll leave you on that note. Also know that we are safe and fine from Issaias. The worst that happened so far is a raft blew into the pool ;) 

It would mean so much to us if you would simply follow and like on our Facebook Business Page and follow us on Instagram and YouTube. (VintageVibesGoodFinds across the board) We upload videos and new arrivals daily. Please subscribe to our website news letter for updates on sales and new arrivals. And always feel free to comment on my blogs!! The more the merrier!! 

Thank you again to all of our customers, family and friends for all your support. 

Be Safe, stay healthy and always Be Kind, Be Kind, Be Kind. 


Karen & Tommy aka Mr. McDowell

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