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Gentle Giant / Karen Kron / Artist


Hello and welcome back to my blog!!

I hope you are all doing well and are safe!! I have been busy with Vintage Vibes brick and mortar. It's constant rearranging of the shop, and creating beautiful products. I'm 61 and can honestly say, "I love my job"!! And if you love what you do, it's not a job, it's a way of life. Quality life. 

The update on the shop is this, vinyl record sales are at a high, and my painted furniture and canvas art are selling right along.  I sold that beautiful Bombay dresser from my last blog and she is heading to her forever home in Massachusetts. I am now creating another beauty!! This is a high boy dresser, vintage of course. The color pallet is Purples and blacks.. she's going to be mysterious and grand!! Photos to follow soon.

The photo you see here is my latest canvas art. I call her "Gentle Giant" ... she is available along with prints. You can purchase through my website. I love her and I know you do too!! 

I realize most of you are freezing, snowed in and snowed out!! I'm located in South Florida and we have had a few cold fronts, but other than that, we are keeping warm and hitting the beaches!! Don't be jelly!! Come visit!! And when you do, come check out my shop! I'd love to see you and show you around!!

Love you all, 

Karen Kron / Vintage Vibes 




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