I know it's been a hot minute since we last spoke. I've been super busy with great changes for Vintage Vibes 420! you all know I signed my lease on this brick & mortar on March 13th (Friday the 13th, my lucky day!) 2020 and then three days later the world shut down with a pandemic! I didn't blink an eye and worked harder than ever and look who is still standing!! I'm not going to say it was easy. I worked long hours, and just kept my passion alive. I've had to PIVOT a few times and that's OK! I'm not sure I know too many people who love change, but at this point, I'm lost without change 🤣

One of the biggest changes was with my vintage vinyl records. I have been collecting vinyl records for about seven years before even opening Vintage Vibes 420. When I opened Vintage Vibes 420's doors, I brought a few crates of vinyl for my customers to dig through. Little did I know that vinyl records were making a come back, and I mean BIG TIME!! By word of mouth and I was THEE record store in Stuart to find the best vintage vinyl. I could barely keep up and at the same time it was so exciting to be such a huge postitve part of this fabulous vinyl community. 

With such a boom in sales from my vintage vinyl records, my attention has been on that. I brought my records to my website and am shipping around the world!! I specialize in vintage vinyl records, but not limited to vintage vinyl. I have learned so much about vinyl, bands, artists, the lingo, what to look for to be able to price them properly. I know how to determine a first press from a re-press, a 180 gram and audiophile. I've met some fabulous people in the vinyl community and am just having a blast with this new (to me) boom in vinyl records. 

I'm still creating my art on furniture, mannequins, clothing, canvas (new and up-cycled) and anything that will stay still long enough for me to paint it! 

I recently was in San Francisco and happened upon a really unique hippie shop. I'm proud to announce I'll be selling some of their clothing line, handmade by various local artists from the Bay Area. Stay tuned for more info on that. 

It's been great chatting!! Tell me what you've been up to!! 

Peace, Karen / Vintage Vibes 420

ps... I'll buy your records!! 

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