Fraternity-Flaming Galah RSD 2023
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Fraternity-Flaming Galah RSD 2023

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Fraternity-Flaming Galah RSD 2023


Legendary second studio album by Australian psych legends Fraternity, remastered and officially re-issued for the first time on vinyl since it’s original release in 1972, in a limited edition of 1,000 green vinyl copies. Featuring legendary AC/DC front man BON SCOTT on lead vocals! His time as a member of Fraternity helped put Scott on the radar of George Young, AC/DC producer from 1975 to 1978 and older brother of Angus and Malcolm, eventually leading to Scott replacing then-AC/DC front man Dave Evans. With AC/DC, Scott would gain the worldwide fame that he had sought and his performance both on stage and in the studio would cement him in history as one of the greatest rock and roll front men of all time. This seminal work by Fraternity stands on its own as an early 70’s blues rock classic and also showcases the development of the raucous rock and roll persona and trademark rasp of Bon Scott before it would see full bloom as a member of AC/DC.

Side A
1. Welfare Boogie (3:42)
2. Annabelle (3:58)
3. Seasons of Change (3:54)
4. If You Got It (4:05)
5. You Have A God (3:11)
6. Hemming’s Farm (3:48)

Side B
7. Raglan’s Folly (4:42)
8. Getting Off (3:24)
9. Sommerville R.I.P. (3:52)
10. Canyon Suite (7:28)

Side C (Bonus Tracks)
11. The Shape I’m In (3:38)
12. If You Got It (Maxi-Single Version) (3:51)
13. Raglan’s Folly (Maxi-Single Version) (3:55)

Side D (Bonus Tracks)
14. You Have A God (Maxi-Single Version) (2:02)
15. Battle Of The Sounds’ Sequence (Live) (Seasons of Change / Award Announcement / If you Got It) (4:39)