Welcome to 2022

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Hello Vintage Tribe, 

Welcome to 2022!!

First let's say, Happy Fucking New Year, and we hope this blog finds you happy, healthy and safe. A little about us on this Vintage Vibes adventure. To accurately sum up our journey with Vintage Vibes I'll start from the beginning. We signed the lease for Vintage Vibes 420 on March 13th, 2020... three days later the world shut down. So we kicked in gear and got our shop ready to open when "things" got back to normal. We tore down walls, we put up walls, we put in floors, electric, we painted walls and textured them. We got ready!! 

We opened our doors a month later and we were up and running!! It was a fabulous time. As you know, we are from Stuart, Florida and Florida did not want to shut down for "The Rona", so when it was time to venture back out into the world, Florida was ready! The kids were sick of being home and not in school with friends, the parents were sick of being home teaching the kids and the college kids just wanted to leave home. That's where Vintage Vibes shined!! Our doors were open to a place where you could turn back time to the "Good Ole Days" and forget about all the bullshit the world was handing us. 

We had records! Vintage Records!! The craze of the land!! We became that place where you could come and smell the Nag Champa, hear fab music from a vintage record player and buy that fab music on a 33 1/3, 12" wax!! The 70's have returned and people loved it!! We also had Original Art on Canvas and Vintage Furniture by ME!! We had vintage clothing including concert tees, wares and collectibles. We even had vintage record player/stereo equipment. What we had, is what people wanted. A simpler time and good memories. We had it all for the hippies, new and old. 

Then 2021 came around and things went back to normal ... somewhat. Kids went back to school, to college, to work. Parents went back to work. Vintage Vibes slowed to a trickle of customers. So what did we do?? We took our shit ONLINE!! To our Etsy Shop (Vintage Vibes 420), our Website, our Facebook Page, Our Instagram Account, Our TikTok and the list goes on. We thrived online and eventually people started coming back to the shop that they fell in love with.  

We are still growing and have established ourselves as THEE Record Shop in Downtown Stuart for the best Original Vintage Vinyl Records in town. Not to mention our fabulous prices and customer service!! Now we offer a new service as well for our vinyl community. We can order most any record you want or need for your collection. Just ask and you shall receive. 

We have also added a new product to our vintage fam. We are now a WISE OWL PAINT RETAILER!! As most of you know, I am an artist. My canvas could be a piece of vintage furniture, canvas, upcycled canvas, a vintage jean jacket, a vinyl record that is just too scratched to play, a statue, a mannequin and the unique list goes on. I will paint anything that I see needs a makeover, do-over or facelift. I looked long a hard for an awesome Paint Community and I found it in Wise Owl. This company not only has fabulous paint and products but the owners and staff are the most amazing, beautiful souls. I could not be more proud to be part of this paint community and family. You will start to see fabulous art from me this year moving forward and it will be Wise Owl Paint and Products along with other fab paint lines. I will do some lives on my Facebook Business Page, my Instagram Business Account, and we are working on our YouTube channel!! You'll get the email alert for these dates and times. 

I hope you found this blog interesting and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask away!! I have left the comments on this blog open, so feel free to communicate!! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my story. The moral of this story is ...  stay true to what you believe in, Be kind, Be Patient, and most of all Don't ever give up... just P.I.V.O.T. 

Thank you to all our fabulous customers, whether in person or on line. We appreciate you more than you'll ever know!! Because of you, we are living our dreams. Thank you, we love you all. 

With Peace & Love,  

Karen & Tommy